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Civil Litigation Attorneys in Washington, D.C.

Comprehensive Litigation Services

When you work with the Washington-based civil litigation attorneys at Martin & Gitner PLLC, you can count on our substantive experience in civil litigation and business law to bring the resolution you seek as quickly and effectively as possible. We handle all phases of the civil litigation process, from investigation and discovery to appeal.

Business Torts

Our breadth of experience with civil law and business torts can prevent your business from suffering financial harm due to the wrongful actions of others. We protect our clients from economic interference with their businesses.

Employment Law

As representatives for the defense in employment law cases, we are well aware that potential liability exposure on an employment law claim can be significant. The partners in our firm are renowned for protecting the client's reputation and pursuing the outcome the client seeks with dignity and discretion.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Martin & Gitner PLLC can settle disputes by helping the parties come to agreement as an alternative to litigation. Alternative dispute resolution which includes both mediation and arbitration can avoid a costly, lengthy court case. Our clients have confidence in our skills and experience to effect such resolutions.

Trade Secrets and Restrictive Covenants

In our ever-expanding global economy, attorneys everywhere are challenged to represent employers and ensure that their trade secrets are protected and their restrictive covenants are enforceable worldwide.

Contact our D.C. firm for sound civil or criminal litigation, and business and corporate law services.

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